Sefaven village rests in the Eya Valley in the southern end of the Noo’ran Mountains. The Noo’amana River flows along Sefaven’s eastern edge.

Sefaven is inhabited by elves, humans, and half-elves. It was inhabited entirely by elves before human refugees discovered it fleeing the Monnach invasion about 250 years ago.

The name Sefaven is just a construction of the words “safe haven,” for which the human refugees were searching. The elvish name for Sefaven is Eyanim, which means “secret paradise.” This name has fallen out of use since humans arrived.

Sefaven is cut off from all other civilization by the Noo’ran Mountains and has no trading partners. There is no pass through the mountains. Turma Tunnel is the only known passage under the mountains, but it has been sealed and hidden since the Monnach invasion.

Sefaven is completely self-sufficient. Its citizens farm crops and raise livestock in the fields surrounding the village. Instead of logging the limited forest around them, they construct all their buildings from the stone of the mountains that surround the valley.


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